Very Effective and Comfortable Ipad Pillow

Jan 3rd

IPad pillow – All the users of tablets find the use of them uncomfortable, especially when they have been sitting for a while and put it on their knees. Coqoon is a startup that has covered a very effective solution to rest our tablets when we are sitting on the sofa. A very good tool for our tablet to rest firmly and not to move when we require it. The pillow for tablets is an indispensable element in our day to day life. It allows us to relax and rest in the moments when we need to use our tablet. Especially when we have the need to study, simply when we want to see a movie through our tablet. A form of health, because thanks to this pillow we can direct our head in only one direction. Avoiding the constant neck and back problems constantly experienced by tablet users.

Using Ipad Pillow

A very original idea that we can find in Cooqon, which emerged on a Sunday afternoon while a family tried to watch YouTube videos through their device. A task that turned into something hard and complicated, since the position of the arms and neck ended up taking their toll after a few minutes. Then it was when they decide to create this ingenious tool so that the use of the tablets was something more how and pleasant at home. It is not the only pillow that can be find in the market to support tablets. In fact, the Cooqon developers were faced with the difficulty of designing a model with a unique design. A pillow that was able to hold a tablet of up to 10 inches and that it remained unmovable.

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And best of all, when we are not using this smart pillow, this can be part of the decoration of our living room without clashing. The materials used to create this pillow are of high quality, endorsed by Kvadrat. It is filled with feathers, giving much dynamism when it comes to securing our tablet to it. The pillow for Coqoon tablets is adaptable to almost all types of devices that we can find in the market. Some of the brands that have been tested are iPads 2.3, as well as Samsung Galaxy tablets . You could say that only users who have a first generation tablet can find problems . Since the designs of the first tablets were very different from those we can find now.