The Best Cooling Air Pillow

Dec 28th

Air Pillow – If you are in your pre-menopause or in your peri-menopausal phase, you should really consider buying Chillow Pillow. I brought Chillow Plus after seeing the TV ad. My previous Chillow who was brought in 5 years earlier also gave. Unlike the previous Chillow, the new and latest versions are far better. The Soot soft Ltd Company has conducte intensive research to produce Soothsoft comfort technology. That provides a breakthrough pathway and affordable products for the public. One of the products that have captured the market by storm is Chillow.

Best Air Pillow Ideas

Cooling pad The Chillow will be able to keep itself at room temperature and absorb heat from your body and release it into the environment. Every time we use a pillow, it is at room temperature (21 degrees Celsius in normal conditions) and naturally cooler than our body (37 degrees Celsius). The pillow is a conductor of bad heat and heat absorbed from our faces. Stay by its side rather than dissolve it into the air. Every time we use shallow, this allows for efficient heat dispersion of the pillow and maintains the temperature of the pillow room.

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These personal cooling pads are a boon for people suffering from hot flashes, fever, night sweats, headaches, eczema, sunburn etc. You can use Chillow with existing pillows so you can enjoy the comfort of pillows and cooling effects provided by chillow pillows. You can also wrap chillow on different parts of the body because it’s not like its competitors, because chillow has a cooling effect on both surfaces (front and rear) Chillow is a high-quality cooling pad that is produce with high-quality materials that are proven to last. Medically safe too, these ingredients also guarantee durability.

Chillow is designed so that it will remain safe without removing your pillow or furniture. Thanks to Cloth grouping on his back which aims to provide more user comfort. The core of the pillow will remain cool for a longer period of time. The company has patented this technology. Chillow has a vacuum seal that helps keep hot air out of the pillow. Another feature of chillow is no need to cool down and provide the right coolness without reducing your bed or pillow. Chillow will always be clean and allergic free. You have to fill the chillow with 4 liters of plain tap water to activate it.

Water will be quickly absorb by the foam inside the chillow pillow. After you activate the chillow, the chillow will continue to work for 3 hours without needing to reactivate. You can also cool the chillow in the refrigerator to increase its cooling, but don’t freeze it because freezing can damage the foam in the core. The memory foam properties in your chillow will remain soft and flexible for years to come. Sweeping the air collected out of the chillow once a month increases the life of your chillow pillow.