Styles of Boho Pillow Covers

Dec 30th

Boho pillow covers offer a variety of features: They protect the pillow from stains of sweat, drooling and other fluids while you sleep. They provide a soft, breathable layer of material for you to rest your head and face on while sleeping, yet provide the fabric detachable from the pillow itself so you can wash it. When it comes to pillow cases, you have several styles to choose from. Lots of homeowners look around their homes and feel bored or uninterested in their belongings. It is common to feel a little tired of your furniture every once in a while. But that doesn’t mean you have to run out and get all the new furniture.

Yellow Bohemian Seat Cushions

Standard Model

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The standard style of Boho pillowcase is the type most people are familiar with; it is a rectangle of fabric which covers the pillow, with a slit at one end. This basic construction can take various forms. Aside from coming in a variety of fabrics, from silk to flannel, these pillowcases can have ruffles along the notch, lace; crochet edge or band around the seams. Usually, however, the majority of the pillow case where you rest your head is stripped to give you an undisturbed place to sleep. This type of pillow case is also called a pillow slip.

Envelope Style

Envelope style pillowcase looks just like you would imagine: they have a panel of fabric that folds in through the back of the pillow, tucked out of sight. This system of folds helps keep the pillow in place. The style is a suitable alternative for those who do not like slits in the side of standard pillow cases because it sometimes lacks a certain degree of sleekness. The envelope style pillowcase gives you a nicer look and is ideal for people who want their pillowcases to insert their pillow tightly.

Snap and tied ear pillow

Snaps and tied pillowcases are suitable for homeowners who like the classic design of standard style pillowcases but who dislike slips in the open tab. These styles of pillowcases allow you to essentially secure your pillow in the case to prevent the ends and edges of the flap from fluttering. For example, snap pillowcases can seal the end through wide tabs of buttons and buttonholes or elegant, discreet seams. Ties at the edge of the flap can work in a variety of ways to close the end of the pillow case: through a drawstring, through crisscrossed interlaced bands or through a cord pulled through the buttonholes.