Simple Steps To Make A Doughnut Pillow

Dec 31st

Doughnut pillow – To make a donut pillow, with a pencil, draw two large circles in the beje fabric. You can help yourself using a large bowl to draw the circle. Draw inside the two circles, two other small circles in the middle that will be cut. Then, take the white fabric, draw a central circle that will be cut while the outer contour will be more irregular. These in order to give the idea of the icing. Sew two circles along the outer edges together, not sewing the central hole.

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Flip the fabric inwards. At your leisure, sew the glaze or glue it with hot glue on the donut, making sure to match the central holes. Sew the inner circle leaving a small opening to insert the wadding / foam to fill the pillow. Fill the entire cushion, sew the remaining part of the inner hole. Cut thin strips of colored fabric to make the sugars to be placed over the glaze. Even in this case, you can attach them with hot glue or sew them, we recommend hot glue, and it will be a faster operation to do. The donut ring cushion is ready! Has not there been a certain languor? Too bad that this donut is made of fabric.

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After that, how to sit on a donut pillow? The donut pillow is a soft pillow-like pillow with a hole in the middle. It is used to relieve back pain, pelvic area, and is popular among those suffering from painful hemorrhoids. The advantage of this simple device is that it takes the pressure from sensitive and tender areas on our body. Which in turn helps the healing process. You need a donut cushion properly though, to reap all the benefits it has to offer. About the donut pillow uses, lay your donut cushion on a flat surface such as a chair or bench.

Make sure there is no curvature for the chair or bench as this can affect the way your weight is distributed on the pillow when you sit down. Sit on the pillow with your buttocks center to the hole in the pillow. Your hips should be about even with the edges of the pad. If you find that your hips are overlapping the pillow or that you have extra space on the sides, you probably need a different size donut pad. The perfect decor donut pillow will be as wide as your hips. Lean forward to ease even more pressure on your back and pelvic region. This is an important step to take with painful pelvic injuries such as broken tailbones. This slight change in posture can mean the difference between great discomfort and a comfortable sitting position.