Impressive Black Leather Throw Pillows

Dec 29th

With its rich look, black leather throw pillows can be an impressive centerpiece for your living room. You can add more visual interest to your sofa by accessories with blue, brown and blue cushions are a classic combination that adds depth to the room. However, it can be a challenge to decorate around the sofa and cushions since they have a strong presence in space. You will need to balance the look of your sofa and cushions with the rest of the decor, while maintaining a strong focal point of the room.

Yellow Pillow


When pairing blue pillows with a black leather sofa, choose shades that provide contrast to create visual interest for the room. If your sofa is a dark chocolate brown, opt for light blue pillows, such as egg or sky blue, for robin so the pillows stand out against the rich color of the skin. However, if the sofa has a brown or light tan leather, go with a deep shade of blue like indigo or blue for pillows.

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Neutral walls

If you want your black leather sofa and blue cushions to be the focal point of the room, choose a light, neutral tone for the walls. White offers a sharp, bright image, but it may seem too hard depending on how dark the bed and pillows are. Cream or ivory walls offer a softer alternative that adds warmth to the space. If your sofa is dark black leather, a tanned shade may be the best option because it can give the room a more balanced appearance. You can even consider a medium-shade blue curtain for the walls if your sofa is very dark.

Nonmatching furniture

A black leather sofa can serve as the focal point of the room if the other furniture items do not match exactly. Choosing black leather chairs and ottomans to go with the sofa can overwhelm the space and cause the furniture to seem to mix. On the contrary, opt for furniture that works with the brown sofa without the overwhelming. Chairs with tan or cream upholstery are an attractive option, and you can add blue cushions to create a sense of unity in space. However, if you prefer a simplified color palette, try blue chairs that echo the tone of the pillows without combining them exactly.

Area rug

To link the look of the room, place your black leather sofa with blue accent cushions on a rug with local motifs. A carpet helps define the living room and the pattern can incorporate both brown and blue colors to give the bed and pillows a unified look.