How to Sew a Body Pillow Pregnancy

Dec 30th

Body pillow pregnancy can add an attractive touch to the chairs, benches, sofas and sofas in the home. Although there are many different types of decorative pillows available to buy in home stores and online, the truth is that making your own is much cheaper than and not at all as difficult as you think. Sew your own decorative pillows; you can customize the size, shape and design of your pillow to meet your needs.

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Place a disc out of the magazine flat. Use a marker to draw the exact size and shape that you want your review pillow pregnancy to be; add one inch to length and width to be used for the seam. Cut out the pattern using a scissors. Fold the fabric in half. Pin the pattern on the fabric. Carefully cut the fabric out of the pattern. You should have two identical pieces of fabric. Decorate the outside of the fabric you choose: warm glue embellishments such as jewels and buttons, sewing on patches or applications with needle and thread. Place the two fabric pieces, with the decorative sides facing each other. Secure the entire circumference of the cushion ½ inch from the edge with a needle and thread or a sewing machine.

Once you have 2 inches left to sew, knot the thread and cut away from the pillow. You should now have an inside-out pillowcase. Turn the pillowcase with the right side out through the 2-inch gap you left. Add the filling to the gap until the pillow is as plush as you like. Sew the remaining 2-inch hatch to close decorative pillow. Place the lower edge of the fabric circle around the edge of the bottom fabric piece. Place straight to the right. Pay special attention to the corners. The half inch left open at each end of the weave circle will fit around the corners of the bottom fabric piece. Pin to secure.

Place a zipper in a seam of the pillow. The zipper should be open and the teeth of the zipper should be at the edge of the fabric circle. Sew the three sides of the circle (without zipper) to the bottom fabric piece with a 1/2 inch seam allowance. Use a zipper foot to sew the zipper in the fourth seam. Pin the top piece of fabric to the top edge of the fabric circle matching raw edges. Sew all four edges with a 1/2-inch seam allowance and turn right side out through the zipper. Place the pillow in the fabric and zip the zipper to finish the drawer cushion.

Tips and warnings

Use a wooden spoon to help drive the filling into the corners of the pillow.