How to Reupholster European Pillow Shams

Jan 1st

European pillow shams for Futon mattresses are a popular choice for a convertible bed / sofa option. This simple design makes the futon sit upright during the day while planting at night. Usually bolsters come with detachable upholstery designed so that homeowners wash the lid when it gets dirty, but sometimes wear or damage has become so extensive that it is time to replace the cover.

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Shop at bargain baskets at bed stores. What you are looking for is a quality double or queen size cover made from durable power materials. Try to find a cover without seams. Usually a comforter set becomes double-sided. These European pillow shams are thicker and more robust than regular sheets. Wash bedding to shrink it. Rip the seams on your existing futon cover. Usually the futon consists of two large flat pieces with wrinkles in the corners. The closure is either a long zipper or Velcro strap. Rip the seams of your new scar to separate the front from the back. You can usually keep the cover liner with the front. This will give the front of your futon extra plushness.

Place your new cover page side down on the work surface and needle the old futon cover the front down. This will give you an exact pattern to work from. Cut the new door. Repeat this process for the second fabric. Place your two new European pillow shams pieces straight to the right and sew a double seam for strength about three sides. Be sure to gather at the corners similar to the pattern. Measure and cut the heavy Velcro strap, and sew the strap along the lower side of the new futon cover. Sew double seams for strength. Turn your cover right and cover your futon.

Tips and warnings

Often bedding packages come with matching fabrics for extra pillows. This allows you to make accessories for your new futon cover. Double seams at corners to reinforce. Notch the seam allowances at the corners so the fabric is flat. If it is difficult to put a pillow in the lid, lift the pillow into a thin plastic bag. The lid will go on easily. If this is your first attempt to cover a pillow, baste all seams. Do not trim the seam allowance or cut corners until you have the lid on the pillow in and out. Mark or pinch stitches where they need to be taken in or released. Sew on the seams and remove the basting stitches.