How to Keep Floor Pillows

Jan 1st

Floor pillows pads slowly and methodically get past the edge of the floor. If constant repositioning of the pillows is done, you are crazy; you are in desperate need of a permanent fix. But you still want to be able to remove the pillows so you can clean the sofa. This fix will help you keep the pillow in place while giving you the freedom to remove what is necessary to find Loose Change.

Velvet Floor Pillows


Remove all floor pillows pads and place them on the floor up and down. Measure each pillow. Usually, all the sofa pads will be of the same size, but measure each pillow to be safe. Measure the width of the pillow from edge to edge. This will be where Velcro attaches. Cut the Velcro strips to fit each pillow. Place the Velcro straps together, with the fuzzy sides and secure the sides attached to each other. Leave adhesive back on both sides of Velcro. Remove the adhesive backing from one side of the Velcro and attach it to the back edge of the sofa cushions. Separate each part of the Velcro and place the lower strips near the back of the sofa seating so that they match the placement of the Velcro straps on the pillows. Remove the adhesive backing from the Velcro straps on the sofa seating area and press them into place on the sofa.

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Place each pillow back in the sofa seating area. The Velcro strap on the bottom of each pillow should be aligned with the matching Velcro piece on the sofa seating area and will keep the cushions securely in place. Find a pillow cover of the appropriate size in color or pattern of your choice. Covers can be found in home stores and available in a variety of looks. If you can’t decide which looks to go for, get multiple covers and exchange them at will. Tuck the decorative pillow into the furniture cover. Use your hands to push the corners of the pillow into the corners of the lid so that everything is properly positioned. Some covers have a zipper, while others simply cut in their backs. Put pillows on the couch to lean against the back.

Tips and warnings

You can apply a long Velcro on the sofa seating area and individual Velcro straps on the bottom of each pillow to save time. The website Crafting Chick says pillow covers is the easiest way to change accent color on all rooms.