How To Fill Fur Pillows Daily Treatments

Jan 1st

The fur pillows and cushions are very easy to clean but keeping your filler in good condition can be more complicated. The filling is susceptible to deformation or caking, so it must be treat with great care to ensure that it lasts as long as possible. In the specific case of cushions, when we have them as a decorative element of, for example, the sofa or the bed, it is very common to place them near our back, on our legs or even the smallest ones in the house. to play. As is evident, keeping the cushion filling with its original and clean shape is very difficult but, nevertheless, it is something that we must pay close attention to because, like the covers, they harbor mites, dust, and remains of organic material like dead skin or hair that should be removed to avoid allergies or other medical conditions.

Sofa Throw Pillows Faux Fur

Avoid giving your decorative cushions a daily use. Otherwise, they will wear out and deform faster. If the cushions have a specific use, such as meditation cushions, or are use although they are decorative. It is advisable to shake them with both hands with some regularity so that the filling regains its original shape. Avoid bending the cushion in half because this could affect the shape of your padding. If the real fur pillows cover is removable and stains or moistens and is not waterproof. It must be cleaning immediately so that the dirt does not reach the filling. Just as we keep the cover of pillows and cushions clean, fillings should also be cleaned frequently. Depending on the type of cushion and filling you have, the cover can be remove, or not. And will have to be washed by hand or in the washing machine.

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Synthetic filling and hand washing: it must be left in a container that contains water and ammonia for 24 hours. Then, rinse it with cold water and let it dry outdoors. Synthetic filling and machine washing: a short washing and spinning program with cold water must be used. When it is time to dry, it is recommend to introduce two or three tennis balls in the dryer. This will prevent it from clumping. Feather filling: the same procedure is use as in the case of synthetic filling only in this case it is advisable to introduce tennis balls in the washing machine as well. If the filling is staining or yellowish, you can also add a little whitening bleach to the washing machine. In any case, it is interesting to use throw pillows protectors as we already do with our mattress.