How to Easy Dog Pillows

Dec 31st

Dog pillows costs as much or more than a 50 pound bag of dog food. For just the cost of materials and filling, you can easily make your own dog bed, with minimal sewing skills. You can also recycle old pillows of your own so that your dog has a soothing bed containing your scent.

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Measure your dog to determine the best size to make his dog pillows. Use your dog’s length for the width of the bed. To simplify the instructions from this point, the remaining steps will guide you by making a simple dog bed for a beagle big dog. Choose cotton or fleece material for dog pillow bed. You may want a color that does not easily show stains, a color that matches your dog’s necklace or any other type of material pattern that includes dog themes. Whatever colors or patterns you choose, make sure you get cotton or fleece material that easily cope with frequent use without wearing out too quickly or peeling in small fluff balls.

Cut two rectangular panels from the selected material into the lengths and width you need for your dog. For beagle large dog, you should cut the material into a 27 by 15 inch rectangle. To cut lines on the fabric, use a washable fabric pen to mark the rectangle before cutting. Align the two sections of material with printed pages. Safety pin around all edges of the two panels to hold together the parts. Set the safety pins about one inch from the edge of the material to allow the seam. Sew the two panels onto three sides of the rectangle. Use either a sewing machine or sew the pieces together. When you have three sides of dog bed sewn, sew three quarters or about 11 inches of the remaining side.

Remove all safety pins from the material and twist dog pillow from inside out through the small remaining hole in the bed. The printed pages of the material should now be facing outwards. Stuff the dog bed with your choice of stuffing material; you can use straw, cotton pillow wadding, shredded magazine, corn shucks or plastic food bags. To help control fleas and ticks, consider mixing cedar chips in the fill mix as the cedar odor repels such pests. Turn the remaining material over tucking a seam inside the cushion. Sew the material once you have finished filling the pillow. For best results, sew the remaining tape by hand instead of using a sewing machine.