How Make Comfortable Coastal Pillows

Dec 30th

Coastal pillows use a variety of fillers: down, shredded sponge, cut-to-fit sponge, cut-to-fit foam, shredded foam, rubber-coated foam, memory foam, polyester fiberfill. With all of these options, don’t settle for brick-hard sofa cushions that came from the factory. Vitalizing your sofa cushions in custom comfortable pillows is a zipper or some seams pop off. You can make comfortable sofa pillows without the help of professional services.

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The simplest method

Examine your pillows for a zip or back seam. Unpack the lid or use a splitter to cut the seams. Insert the razor blade into the seam and press the “hook” of the ripper until it reaches a seam. Pressing against the seam and “hook” will reduce it. Remove the seam along the back seat. Remove about 25 cm (10 inches) of stitch if your pillow has soft filler, or enough stitch to remove a foam insert. Buy polyester fibrous fillet, cotton fiberfill, shredded foam or shredded sponge. ¬†Support the fists of fibril fill, foam or sponge. Put the materials through the cushion opening.

If you have a pillow with soft filler, leave the filler instead and add or remove the cover for each pillow until it feels comfortable while sitting on it. Continue to stop the new filler inside the pillow, periodically sitting on or leaning against the pillow until it feels comfortable. Zip cushion closed or sew the back seat with a needle and button or padding thread. A tight cast will keep the seam sufficiently.


Remove the cushion cover from the filling insert by packing or removing the seams with a spreader. Measure each pillow cover. Measure the width of each cover width, length and wedge. When the lid is on the pillow, the wedge width can be seen as the height rather than width. Fabric strips along the four sides of a pillow that creates a “drawer” effect are referred to as border or wedges. Determine which foam or sponge you want to use. Fabrics and furniture stores sell foam and mushrooms. Online cushion replacement reseller sells foam and sponge in large sizes, so you can cut the material to fit multiple cushions. Determine the amount of foam or sponge to buy based on your pillow-cover measurements. Place the old sofa pillow on top of the new foam or sponge. Trace around the old insert with a marker. Tracking will be slightly larger than the old one, but the new material will eventually be compressed.