Great Ideas for Infant Pillow

Jan 3rd

Infant pillow – Although babies do not need a pillow to sleep on, colorful pillows can be useful to help them learn how to sit without staggering, or to decorate the nursery. Slip pillow for babies should be hypoallergenic, and should use fire retardant cloth. The pillows are designed for adults with their measurements and weight. Young children have proportions very different from those of older people. So choosing an inappropriate pillow will cause your neck and head to rest in a forced position. It is true that young children fall asleep almost anywhere and that they get up as new, regardless of comfort. But a bad posture continued night after night can cause difficulties to sleep in the long run and can even make them adopt bad postures difficult to correct later.

White Ideas Baby Pillows

The good infant pillow is designed to adapt to the measures and proportions of these. There is a lot of controversy on this subject. Many pediatricians and specialists agree that a pillow should be used when the passage from the crib to the bed occurs. Depending on the children, this change usually occurs between 18 and 24 months. What is clear is that babies under that age should not use a pillow except for specific needs. For example, to treat or prevent plagiocephaly , babies who tend to turn during the night, etc.

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Regarding parents, there are also different opinions on this point. Many will say that their children have used a pillow since they were very small without problems. Others, however, may have waited until their children were three or four years old. Each child develops in a way and at a rhythm. Therefore, there is no single answer to this question.

It is best to observe the little one. If in the morning she wakes up with her head resting on a stuffed animal, or when she lies down in the parents’ bed, she looks for the pillow to rest her head and neck, for example, they are signs that the child begins to need a pillow. Another aspect that should be noted is the child’s shoulders. When they are already wider than your head, they will be more comfortable with a pillow.The goal of pillows for young children is that they are more comfortable. If the little one is sleeping well without her, you do not have to worry or force her to use a pillow. The time will come, that’s for sure.