Full of Beautiful Kilim Pillows Cover

Jan 3rd

Kilim pillows – Surely you, who are reading these lines, have cushions in your bed that have no other function than decorating, that of making your bedroom look coordinated in colors, combining the quilt or quilt with the colors of the cushions, carpets or curtains. But you may also be one of those who for lack of time, laziness or simply “because they are not necessary”, do not have more than a pillow, or a pair of pillows, that allow them to make the bed in question seconds, without the complications of placing heaps of cushions on top, in an orderly manner.

Vintage Kilim Pillows

I would say that an intermediate situation, as almost always, is the most appropriate. A bed full of cushions from head to toe, besides not being elegant, gives a lot of work when you have to make the bed in a hurry before going to work or take the kids to school, but a bed that as a sole ornament has a pillow covered with the quilt or quilt, gives it an aspect of impersonality, that is not “our bed” and also make our bedroom look “empty”.

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Ordinate them by size, from highest to lowest

If you are one of those who say yes to the decorative pillows in your bed, you can follow these tips, so that your room looks perfect and with that personal style that characterizes each bedroom. Our room is “ours” and that’s the way it should look, it’s our refuge, it’s the place where we want to be, and for that it has to look comfortable and attractive. The bed is the main element of all the bedrooms, it is the largest, and the one that is most visible, and therefore it must always be perfect. How do we get it? Take note, we started…

We start by putting the pillow or cushions, raised and glued to the headboard of the bed (if you do not have a headboard, to the wall), this will make the base to support the rest of the cushions and prevent them from being “lying down”. The next step is to look for two large, square or rectangular cushions, 60×60 cm or 50×70 cm, preferably colored, that combine with the quilt or quilt. Many quilts and quilts today already have a pair of large cushion covers, coordinated with the drawing or main colors of their fabrics. If you have bought a quilt or quilt that brings them … perfect! Give them a filling and they will be ready to be placed in the front row, glued to the pillow.