DIY Pillows Look Good on Your Bed

Dec 31st

DIY pillows – Dressing a bed with pillows involves more than filling them in a large pile. To make them look good, you need to create an invitation arrangement and you may have to do a little editing. Think of pillows as jewelry; the bed does not have to carry all at once. Having too many pillows seems as bad as having too few. The most pleasant arrangement and the number of pillows that you really need depend on your bedroom decoration style.

Small Pillow for Bed

Traditional bedrooms tilt your pillowcases against in a row against the headboard. You can use rectangular covers of your bed size or Euro squares of 26 inches. If you use rectangular covers, use two for the king, queen and double beds, and only one for two single beds. Tilt your pillows to sleep against the pillow cases. Use pillows and pillowcases sized according to the size of your mattress. And then you will need one for two single beds and two for the other sizes. If two are used, turn the openings of the pillowcase to the sides of the bed. If you use more than one set of pillows for sleeping, hide the flattest set behind the covers.

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Prop a row of two to three decorative pillows in front of your sleeping pillows. For twin beds, try two square pillows. For other sizes, use two rectangular cushions, squares or two versions of a semi-circular pillow flanked by a pair of squares. It is not necessary to use identical pillows, but they should share some common element, such as color, type of model, texture or style. Add a final decorative cushion to the front of your arrangement, ideally something shorter in height than the pillows in the previous row. Then try a tube shaped collar, a round rubber pad pillow or a small rectangle. Traditional pillow arrangements should narrow in width and height as you add additional layers to the front.

Contemporary bedrooms, place flat rectangular pillow cases on the head of the bed. Use only one farce for single beds. Place two covers side by side for all other bed sizes. Choose covers made for mattress size, so they will cover the entire width of the bed. Pile a pillow to sleep pillow cover on top of each farce. Identical props, square cushions in front of stacked pillows. Use one of two single beds, two full and queen and three for extra-large beds. For all, with two single beds, center the cushions across the width of the bed instead of in front of each pile of pillows. Opt for square cushions slightly higher than the total height of the pillows stacked. Choose the pillow fabric with a bold color or pattern to make the pop-up windows layout.