Diy Eye Pillow And Sachets

Jan 1st

Eye pillow – Do you know the feeling of morning to evening eyes without pausing? Short breaks in everyday life are a real treat, so as not to perish in everyday chaos. It often takes 5-10 minutes to close your eyes, breathe deeply. Also to perceive and relax, to feel yourself again, to recharge your batteries and to be with you. The next task will be much easier and you will feel more alive. The eye pads support the relaxation moment. Put it on your eyes, the darkness is soothing, the heaviness leaves your eyes calm and the fragrance anchors you in the here and now. A seed pillow can be your best ally. Massage cushions are used to transmit heat or cold where we have pain. They are made with natural materials and provide a pleasant relaxing effect. The eye cover for facial consists of an inlay and the outer shell.

Yoga Eye Pillow Diy

The outer shell you can easily peel off and wash. The inlay you fill with millet, rice or delicate flowers. For the ultimate in relaxation, sprinkle it with your favorite fragrance. Lavender oil has a particularly relaxing and soothing effect. What the guide to make an eyes pillow? Choose the seeds that you like the most for the filling. And remember not to heat your therapeutic pillow for more than five minutes to avoid burns. Start at short intervals and go testing. We can fill the pillow with whatever you like. Such as soybean seeds, corn, rice or buckwheat. Recommended, above all, chickpeas. Because they can keep the temperature for one hour, and are fantastic for the back because of its rounded shape. Cherry bones, for example, also retain heat for a long time. The amounts you will have to adjust them according to how big or small you want to make the pillow.

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You can also introduce lavender, cinnamon or the aromatic herbs that you want. Since when we warm the pillow the smell will come out. And now, how to make weighted eye pillow diy? For the filling you should mix the flax seeds with the rice, the fragrance is your choice, depending on your tastes. To make the pillow start by cutting 2 rectangles of cloth of 12 x 25 cm. Place the right sides of the fabric facing each other and sew the edges. Leave about 8 cm of the edge without sewing. Make sure the seam is strong and do not leave any free space. Flip the piece to the right side. Insert the filling through the opening, for this pad you will need about 1 ½ cup of filling. Sew the opening and you will have your new eye pad ready.