Couple Pillow Case Personalities Style Design

Dec 31st

When choosing the type of couple pillow case to sleep in a bed of two sleepers or double bed, you may have the question of whether it is better to use one or two. So important is choosing the right mattress to hit the right pillow. The answer to this does not go beyond making the choice according to the personal preferences of the couple. Choosing a large pillow of the total width of the mattress can be successful from the aesthetic point of view, but keep in mind that currently in almost all bedding sets you find covers for two pillows. It may be the case that both have the same taste or need in terms of the characteristics of the pillow, so you can also opt for the option of a large pillow.

Simple Monogram Initial Couples Pillowcases

It is true that the fact of using two pillows will rest more comfortably to both, thus avoiding discomfort to the partner (“bring here!” “You take it all!” …). It will also give you more freedom of movement. If you choose this option, you can choose the pillow model that you like the most, in terms of composition, height, firmness … and size, which would be approximately 70 or 75 cm. to complete the bed with two. For the material l: inner padding (down, feather, latex, viscoelastic, fiber …). And covers of interior and exterior also in different materials. Based on the firmness and height: medium, low, superior, medium high … Perhaps these attributes are the most important when deciding on a couple pillows. Our advice is simple:  if you usually sleep on your side, the pillow should be high. Because the gap to be filling between the shoulder and the head is wide.

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If you usually sleep on your back, the pillow should be of medium height. Those who sleep on their stomach need low pillows. So that the adopted position, when turning the head, is not very forced. All these characteristics must adapt to your personal needs, and especially to your tastes. There are special personalized pillowcases, such as cervical pillows or with specific designs. You must especially worry about a good choice if. When you wake up, you usually get up with neck or head pain. One of the keys to romance is to consider your partner’s preferences, as well as your own. Adjusting the mood with music, food and the environment you know your loved one enjoys is a sure way to awaken the romance. After all, feeling love is the ultimate aphrodisiac.