Christmas Throw Pillows Holiday Decorative Rooms

Dec 30th

Inspire in these beautiful ideas to create easy and simple christmas throw pillows. Use thick and perfect fabrics for winter like felt or polar. You can even recycle a garment that you no longer use as a shirt or a sweater and take its fabric to create the cushion. It takes as a base the characters and elements of the season such as poinsettias, snowmen, Santa Clauses, reindeer, etc. If you want a personal decoration of your home, nothing like Patchwork cushions. Because you can place them both in chairs and in the main armchair, without forgetting the bed.  In the first place, you will have to look for those fabrics that you want to take advantage of. You can choose to combine fabrics of colors and smooth or with different patterns. Once you have the fabrics, many people choose to wash them.

Simple Holiday Pillow Case Sofa

In this way, if they have to shrink, better do it now and not when we have our christmas pillows target ready. After washing them, let them dry completely and iron them. Now you need to cut the fabric into squares, using a special cutter for fabric and a ruler. The measurements can also vary, depending on how big you want your design. But that yes, is what you choose, remember that you must always leave a piece more that will remain as a margin at the time of sewing. When we have all the pieces cut, we organize them on the table. In this way, we will help us see how the design would look. Then we take two pieces and put them right against right and join them in the sewing machine.

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We will make strips of cloth. They will not be very big since to make Patchwork cushions, we will need three or square pieces per strip. When we have joined the strips we put them back on the table. The top strips are going to be ironed for its reverse and the seams out. The strip that goes between the middle and the lower strip will also be ironed out. Once properly ironed, we return to the machine to join the fabric strips. We already have, with this step, the front part of the winter pillows ready. For the back, we need a colored fabric, preferably smooth. We are going to divide pillowcase into two sections. We will unite, between one and another part, a zipper. Then, we will have to join this back part with the front, leaving the zipper open.