Choose Knee Pillow Pad

Jan 3rd

Knee pillow – A knee pad pillow can be the best on the market, but without a good fit it does not properly protect your knees. So what needs to be done for a knee pad? One of the most important aspects that are often forgotten is the size of your work trousers. If the leg length of your pants is too short or long, the knee pockets will not be properly positioned. When lying on the knee pad in the knee pocket, it will either be too high or low to provide the right protection. Be sure to get the right pants size to improve your knee protection. It’s not just the size that matters. The incision on the work trousers is also important. When kneeling in pants with a straight cut, the material at the knees will often move to the side – as will the knee pads.

Wrap Around Knee Pillow

You therefore need pants with Twisted Leg design. The design ensures that the knee pockets are seated correctly when you kneel and thus increase protection. A good under knee pillow will stay seated when you kneel and get up again. Knee pads that slide around in the knee pockets can cause immediate and long-term injury if the knees do not hit the site where protection is greatest. The easiest way to ensure the level of protection is to make sure the knee pads are properly positioned. The Knee Guard positioning system helps you with this, as you can place the knee pads at different heights. The knee pad design has a great impact on the fit. The knee pad should not only protect the kneecap but also the surrounding areas. A good knee pad design closes around the knee and prevents the knee from slipping off the knee pad.

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Tips for achieving perfect fit: If you have to pull up your pants legs to get the knee pads in the right position, this means that your pants size is either wrong. Or the knee pads should be placed in another position. When trying a few new pants, try them not only standing. Lie on your knees and see where the knee pockets end up. Make sure the knee pads you choose are designed for the pants you wear. Not all elevating leg pillow can be used in all knee pockets, a mix of different brands can affect the level of protection.