Best Ideas Embroidered Pillows

Dec 31st

Embroidered pillows – Sitting on the back deck or porch is more pleasant when you can rest your head on a pillow. Outdoor pillows, however, are a nuisance when the weather turns humid and they get drenched. You may be surprised to learn many durable, water resistant and beautiful fabrics are available. Sew a comfortable outdoor pillow from one of these fabrics, and before you have finished, you can plan how many more you can do for your outdoor furniture. Place your flat duck cloth with the front side facing down. Measure two squares, each 17 by 17 inches, and mark with chalk. The extra inch is for a 1/2 inch seam allowance (the fabric between the fabric edge of the fabric and the seam).

Yellow Indigo Embroidered Pillows

Cut the squares of the duck fabric and place them on top of each other, facing front. Align the edges and the pin in place. Find a place in the center on one side to start sewing. Make sure that the distance between the needle and the edge of the fabric is half an inch. Remove the pins as you sew. Place the fabric layers under the presser foot of the machine. Start sewing a straight stitch by moving a few stitches in front of and behind some stitches. This seam up and back will anchor the thread in the fabric.

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Sew to the first curve and end with the needle inserted in the fabric. Raise the presser foot and rotate the fabric so that it is ready to sew the next side. Lower the presser foot and sew along this side of the pillow. Do the same when you reach each corner. When you reach the last side, stop before six to eight inches from where you started. Iron the pillow along each seam and use the scissors to cut a triangle from each corner. This will give the pillow sharp corners. Insert your hand into the pillow and turn it upside down. Push a finger in each corner to adjust the corner fabric.

Insert the pillow shape into the pillow. Sew the open gaping closed, but make sure the edge of the fabric is folded inward along the opening. Sew the front seam some back stitches and stitches to anchor the final seam. Tracing a line with a black marker, when sewing is meant to go, will make it easier to keep a straight stitch. Duck cloth, nylon, vinyl and treated acrylics are some of the options available in outdoor fabrics. They come in many models and colors. Do not cut the seams when cutting the corners of the triangle just the additional fabric.