5 Couch Pillow Covers Models To Make Your Living Room More Modern

Dec 30th

Couch pillow covers – Cushions are not just decorative items. They are powerful elements that have the function of adding beauty. Also comfort and hospitality to the spaces. So, making them more inviting, beautiful and cozy.  The cushions are able to completely change the face of the environments. And transform monotonous rooms into areas full of color and personality. Therefore, it is necessary to use the cover of the moldy in their favor.  There are several models of cushion cover available in the market. And certainly one of them has everything to do with your home. Here are some types of cushion cover and find the ideal option to make your home more modern:

Pier One Pillow


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How to bring irreverence to the environments of the house? And how to break the monotony and predictability of the spaces? An excellent request is to include embossed cushions in the decoration. They brighten the composition. Morethan, they giving a touch of modernity and also irreverence in the decorative proposal. The prints are very democratic and combine with varied styles. In classic decorations, use striped or damask prints. In rustic decorations, prefer patterns that refer to nature. Such as floral, fruit and foliage. Modern projects call for graphics, poems, and ethnic prints, animal print or amazing designs.


It’s elegance and sophistication in the right measure. Lisa smooth cushion cover also has its place in home decorations. Discreet and elegant, the smooth covers embellish the space with much sophistication. In spring and summer, dare with vibrant colors such as yellow, orange, red, turquoise and even pink. In autumn and winter, give preference to sober and neutral tones such as black, gray, beige and brown.


It’s an unusual air in the decoration of your home. Think of an unusual pillow slipcovers. Thought? The button cover is exactly like this: different and unpredictable. The great differential of this cushion cover, which can be found in various colors, is the application of buttons that make the model more modern and innovative than the conventional covers. Impossible not to be enchanted.

Chenille cushion cover

It’s very thermal comfort for your residence. The chair cushion cover is usually made of pure or mixed cotton but there are linens, microfiber, velvet, piquet and even chenille covers. Speaking of chenille, this textile material has a texture similar to the skin, is very used in tapestry and recommended for winter decorations. As it provides thermal comfort and softness. Easy to maintain and durable, this fabric blends fibers of silk, cotton, polyester, viscose and wool, which gives the chenille a lightly fluffy face and also a beautiful look and a very pleasant texture to the touch.